Cambridge Racing Team Keeps Competitive with High-Tech Tool

Influx Rebel XT Vehicle Data Logger Records Test Data Cambridge University Eco-Racing (CUER) is a student-run society of 60 undergraduates affiliated with the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department who design, build and race solar-powered vehicles. Their main competition is a biennial endurance challenge consisting of a 3,000 km (1,864 miles) journey across the Australian outback, … Continued

Dearman Relies on Influx Technology for Engine Data Collection

Rebel CT Compact Datalogger Captures Vehicle Parameters Dearman is an innovative technology company developing zero-emission power and cooling solutions. At the heart of Dearman’s technology portfolio is an innovative piston engine powered by the rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen – the Dearman Engine. The Dearman Engine is the first engine to deliver efficient power and … Continued

Calibrating Emissions Dynamometer Equipment

Influx Rebel Vehicle Data Logger CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data logging solution for a large and well-known original equipment manufacturer using a standard production diesel vehicle to calibrate the emissions dynamometer equipment at their plant. The test vehicle was locked in place with its wheels parked on pairs of large metal rollers. Using weights … Continued