Dearman Relies on Influx Technology for Engine Data Collection

Rebel CT Compact Datalogger Captures Vehicle Parameters Dearman is an innovative technology company developing zero-emission power and cooling solutions. At the heart of Dearman’s technology portfolio is an innovative piston engine powered by the rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen – the Dearman Engine. The Dearman Engine is the first engine to deliver efficient power and … Continued

Drive-by-Wire Testing Using ADwin Systems

Real-Time Data Collection for Analog, Digital and CANbus Applications In the automotive industry, Drive-by-wire (AKA X-by-wire) technology has replaced many traditional mechanical control systems with electronic and electro-mechanical control systems including brake-by-wire and electronic throttle control. This has resulted in improved safety and ergonomic designs along with more options in commercial cars. Drive-by-wire systems require … Continued

Ensuring RICE NESHAP Compliance in an Auto Factory

Our dataTaker Measures and Documents Regulatory Standard Levels Early last year, CAS DataLoggers provided the datalogging solution for an automotive manufacturer who needed to ensure compliance with RICE NESHAP, the EPA emissions regulation mandating that diesel engines reduce air pollutant emissions from many categories of new and existing engines. The factory needed to begin retrofitting … Continued