Accsense Monitoring Systems Software with Cloud Storage

Accsense Monitoring software gives you peace of mind whether you’re relying on Accsense hardware to monitor vaccine temperature, high-value medical goods, or a medical cleanroom. This real-time monitoring and alarming software is included free with your Accsense system along with all feature upgrades. Easy to use with no learning curve, Accsense software is web-based, with … Continued

Introduction to the T&D MCR-Series Dataloggers

The T&D MCR-Series Data loggers are 4 input channel voltage or 4 input channel thermocouple data loggers. Each logger has an integral LCD graphing display and is battery operated. With sample rates from 100 HZ to once per hour and on board storage of up to 960,000 readings these loggers can be used for a … Continued

dataTaker CEM20 Channel Expansion Module

dataTaker data loggers are used in a wide variety of applications around the world. Many of these are relatively low channel count applications. The dataTaker CEM20 channel expansion module is available when you have need for a large number of analog inputs in your data logging application. Each physical analog input channel of a dataTaker … Continued

dataTaker Geotechnical Data Loggers

dataTaker has over 25 years of geotechnical datalogging expertise. The DT80G and DT85G are the base units which support vibrating wire sensor support. These dataTaker loggers are full-featured and intelligent. Full-featured means built-in Ethernet communications, an integral LCD display. There is a large, internal memory with email and FTP services which allows for easy data … Continued

dataTaker Wireless Universal Input Data Loggers

The DT80 and DT85 data loggers from dataTaker have an interesting option for those applications where remote monitoring is required, but no internet connection exists. For environmental applications where no wired or wifi network exists or for industrial applications where access to the corporate internet connection is not possible The DT80M and DT85M have a … Continued

dataTaker Intelligent, Universal Input Family of Loggers

The most popular loggers in the dataTaker family are the DT80, the DT85 and the DT82i. The key functional differences of these loggers is the number of analog and digital inputs. The core functionality is the same across these models. These dataTaker loggers are full-featured intelligent, universal input. Full-featured means built-in Ethernet communications, an integral … Continued

dataTaker Environmental Data Loggers

dataTaker has over 30 years of environmental data logging expertise. The DT82E and DT2EM with internal 3G cellular modem are the two environmental focused models. Engineered for low power operation for solar or battery powered installations make these loggers ideal stand-alone monitoring solutions.

Accsense Monitoring System Family of Hardware

Accsense is a system designed to monitor the storage conditions of critical or high value products. Primarily targeted for the life sciences, pharmaceutical and health care industries, Accsense provides temperature logging and out of tolerance alarming. While temperature is the most common parameter monitored by Accsense systems, virtually all other physical parameters can be monitored. … Continued

Introduction to Accsense Electrocorder EC-1V Data Logger

The Accsense Electrocorder EC-1V data logger can record single-phase AC voltage across the range of 1 to 300 Vac. The logger comes in a kit and includes a serial cable, Electrosoft software, a convenient carrying case and a standard North American plug to plug directly into a standard wall socket.

Introduction to the Accsense Electrocorder DC-3VA Data Logger

The Accsense Electrocorder DC-3VA two-channel data logger is specifically designed to accurately monitor one or two DC voltage channels, 1V to 300Vdc & loads up to 300Adc, and one DC current channel. This allows users to monitor PV (photovoltaic) cell output, DC charger performance, as well as many other applications such as DC motors. The … Continued