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Tank Temperature Monitoring With a Wireless System

T&D RTR-502 Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Tank Temperature Monitoring with a Wireless System
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CAS DataLoggers recently provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a company storing water tanks which they were temperature monitoring for a supplier. The tanks contained polluted wastewater awaiting treatment and so had to be constantly monitored and maintained at a certain temperature range to keep bacteria from growing. The company began searching for a wireless temperature monitoring device that could perform highly-accurate measurements and automatically download their data to corporate offices in the building as well as to other remote areas.

The storage company installed 8 T&D RTR-502 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers on their water storage tanks. Along with these, a T&D RTR-500NW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station was also installed to form a LAN-based network and automatically collect the loggers’ data. Each wireless temperature data logger monitored the tank temperature in real time using an external temperature sensor with a measuring range of -60°C to 155°C (-76°F to 311°F) and a measurement display resolution of 0.1°C. Readings were clearly visible on LCD display and could be given in both Celcius and Fahrenheit. Each T&D data logger was constructed with a rugged, compact design and had a large-capacity 16,000 point memory. Wireless communication between these units and the base unit ranged out to 150 meters unobstructed (500 feet), and the tanks’ data could be collected remotely via USB, GSM technology, LAN and T&D handheld data collectors. The wireless communication range could easily be extended by simply designating the data loggers as Repeaters to improve communication. Additionally, the loggers’ water-resistant cases protected them from accidents, and the loggers came with options for screw-terminals or wall mounts. Each unit had a battery life of about 10 months with an option to upgrade to a large capacity battery pack enabling about 4 years of operation.

The RTR-500NW base station linked wirelessly to the RTR-502 units and automatically downloaded their recorded temperature data using an 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface, sending the data via network to corporate offices within the building and also to remote areas. The data could be sent to an e-mail address, FTP folder or T&D’s own free WebStorage server where it was then available to view and to share the data via a web browser.

After having deployed the base unit and begun the operation, if the company suddenly wanted to make settings changes or add a new Remote Unit, this was still possible from a distance over the network without having to collect the Base Unit. The wireless base station also monitored for warnings and sent  warning reports across a network to specified addresses. The Base Unit could download via wireless communication one RTR-502 Remote Unit at full logging capacity in about two minutes. If a measurement exceeded one of the set upper or lower limits, the RTR-500NW/AW would judge whether or not a warning had occurred. If a warning had occurred, notification was shown by the LED lamp, and an e-mail report would be sent immediately.

The storage company benefitted in several key ways from installing the T&D wireless system to monitor their water storage tanks. The highly-accurate dataloggers provided wireless monitoring of each tank’s temperature, with their water-resistant casings providing reliable and durable operation. The loggers’ range was easily extended whenever that proved necessary, and management was always kept appraised of the tanks’ temperature via automatic data downloads. Additionally, the dataloggers provided several ways to send their data and warning messages online, offering a convenient temperature monitoring solution at a cost-effective price.