T&D RTR-500GSM Basic GSM Modem Setup Guide

Enable Remote Monitoring with T&D Cellular Base Station

T&D’s RTR-500GSM is a Mobile Base Station with built-in wireless communication via GSM phone network capabilities. It can be used as a Base Unit for T&D’s popular RTR-500 wireless datalogger series, and when in communication range for GSM cellular phone service, the device can transmit data and warnings in remote locations where a LAN connection is impossible, making it ideal for tracking data while in transport. Warning reports can also be sent via e-mail or SMS to specified e-mail addresses, enabling the user to always stay appraised of changes in measurement readings. To set up the datalogger’s GSM cellular phone communication function, you’ll need the RTR-500GSM base unit itself and a SIM card with a data plan (either a subscription-based card, or prepaid data).

For the initial hardware setup, first install the SIM card.  The slot for this is in the back of the RTR-500GSM data logger in the battery compartment.  Simply swing the outer part up, slide the card in, then lock the holder back down. Now install the 4 AA batteries.

To begin the software setup, install the software contained on the CD (you may want to check the manufacturer’s website at http://www.tandd.com/support/download/software/index.html for the newest software and firmware and update to these before continuing). Now plug the RTR-500GSM into your computer using the supplied USB cable, and set the small switch on the side to ‘STBY’.  The computer will then install the drivers for the RTR-500GSM.

During basic setup, when you launch the data logger’s software, the RTR-500GSM Initial Settings Wizard will appear (if it doesn’t, just go into the ‘View’ menu in the Settings Utility and select it). If your cell provider has given you a PIN number, input it on the second screen of the wizard. The third screen asks for your APN provider–your cellular provider will provide you with this; as an example, AT&T’s APN is ‘wap.cingular’. If your account requires additional login information, you can enter it here. The next screen is simply a cellular transmission test. Enter your cell number to make sure the RTR-500GSM can send text messages.  After pressing ‘Finish’ on the next screen, you’ll be taken to the full settings utility where you can pair your loggers with the system and set your e-mail, FTP and alarm parameters.