Test and Monitoring for Automatic Car Seats

In late 2013 CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker automation solution for a car seat manufacturer required to monitor and test their products during the manufacturing process to test and monitoring for automatic car seats. These seats automatically reposition themselves to either the driver’s or passenger’s preferred setting, so they have to be manufactured to strict standards. Each seat has to be put through a full range of movements to ensure operation to specification and prove that it’s without fault. At the time, the manufacturer’s test procedure included manually testing a random sample so that if one seat in a batch failed, then every seat of that batch would need to be manually tested. This proved too costly over time so the manufacturer’s representative contacted CAS DataLoggers looking for an automated testing solution to process each seat and produce a printed report of the test results.


  • dataTaker DT80 Intelligent data logger
  • ASCII Printer


  • Current Sensors
  • Position Sensors

Test Automation

The dataTaker DT80 intelligent universal data logger is a standalone device complete with analog, digital, pulse and serial data recording capabilities. Its five analog inputs take measurements at 18-bit resolution and utilize a dual channel concept allowing up to 10 isolated or 15 common-referenced analog inputs to be used in many combinations. These inputs enable connection with most sensor types and data measurement sources so that users can log and scale temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges and more.

Now the dataTaker DT80 accepts and reads the analog signals from the current and position sensors attached to the seat’s circuitry. While workers are putting the seat through its full range of movements on the production line, the DT80 records both the seat’s position and current over time to determine whether the seat is working to specification and to ensure that the whole circuit is without fault.

The DT80’s extensive communications array includes Ethernet, RS-232 communication with PC and a USB memory slot. With this flexible device, users can archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer via FTP. Operators have programmed the DT80 to print a performance report for each seat via an ASCII printer connected to the serial host-port. Using this setup, workers can immediately identify any product which is not operating to the strict standard.

Furthermore, the dataTaker can hold up to 10 million samples which allows for a large history of test reports to be stored within the logger itself for later review. It’s easy for users to retrieve all this data via Flash drive and free up the internal memory again.

Following their dataTaker installation, the manufacturer’s automated seat testing is not only more efficient than the pre-existing manual testing, but this new setup also ensures that every seat is tested instead of a random sample, preventing failures from untested stock.