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Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit

CAS DataLoggers has created a simple and effective Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit for use in the elimination of bed bugs using temperature remediation.  Raising the temperature of the room or structure that is infested to a high enough temperature to kill all active insects and the eggs is proving to be an effective remediation strategy.

The CAS Bed Bug remediation kit uses T&D wireless temperature data loggers from T&D.  Together with a hand held data collector, you can monitor the temperature in the structure to ensure that the required temperature is reached and held for the time duration required to fully eliminate the infestations.  The loggers are small enough to be located throughout the affected area and with the external sensors, the temperature can be sensed throughout the contents of the rooms, including under mattresses and furniture cushions.

The temperature record of the remediation gives the service provider and the customer peace of mind that the proper temperature profile was realized.

To learn more about the CAS Bed Bug remediation kit, contact us at CAS DataLoggers.  We will be happy to discuss the specifications of the system and outline the options to meet your specific remediation protocol.