Troubleshooting the Accsense B1-06 Wireless Gateway

Accsense B1-06 Wireless GatewayDiagnosing Network Connection Issues

Network configuration errors can occasionally crop up when working with wireless monitoring systems. To help diagnose and remedy them, CAS DataLoggers presents this brief tutorial showing you how to troubleshoot network connection issues which may occur using the Accsense model B1-06 Wireless Gateway. We’ll cover two common failure modes, both of which are indicative of network configuration errors. You can also watch our brief YouTube video at

Gateway Keeps Rebooting:

The first of these network connection issues is called a ‘boot loop.’ When users first connect the B1-06 gateway, it performs a ‘Power on Self’ test. It indicates this through the flashing of multiple lights including:

  • Operating Status
  • Network Activity
  • Error Status

In this error, these three lights flash for a short period of time and then they all go out. At this time, the Network Connection sequence begins. When these three lower LEDs flash again, this means that the gateway is now attempting to obtain an IP address and connect to the DNS server. If this process fails, the gateway will make several more attempts, and if it keeps failing then the Error Status LED will flash red for a period of time after which the gateway will reboot to restart the process.

If the process still does not succeed after several attempts, have your IT technician call Accsense Technical Support FREE at (440) 729-2570 for assistance with your network configuration.

Error Status Light is Lit:

The second condition is simply a flashing red Error Status light, appearing along a solid green Power light with no other LEDs lit. This condition is usually indicative of a change that has been made in network configuration while the gateway has been in proper operation, but it may occasionally occur with a new gateway.

In either case, it is a network configuration error and you should immediately have your IT technician call Accsense Technical Support at (440) 729-2570. Ask for assistance in identifying the change or the error that has occurred in order to properly reconfigure the network.

In a related Error Status issue, you may instead find that the Error Status light is lit solid red immediately after completion of the Power On self-test. When the gateway is plugged in, the three lower LEDs flash for a period, go out, and when they go out, the red Error Status light comes on solid and remains on. This indicates a hardware failure which means that the gateway has failed its Power On self-test.

  • If your gateway has been in use for some time, it may have failed or been damaged as a result of some electrical disturbance.
  • If it’s a new gateway, it’s highly likely that the unit has been damaged in shipment and therefore will require replacement.

In either case, just call Accsense Technical Support immediately at (440) 729-2570.

For a visual walkthrough, watch our YouTube video at