For the Best-Selling dataTaker DT8x Series of Data Loggers

Users working with the best-selling dataTaker DT8x series of data loggers can easily upgrade their firmware remotely with the use of dataTaker’s DeTransfer supervision software, provided as a free download from the manufacturer. The DT8x series is renowned for its flexibility across many applications, its rugged and compact construction, and its affordability.

First, run DeTransfer, available free at dataTaker’s website. Connect to the data logger using TCP/IP. Either an Ethernet or a PPP serial/modem connection may be used; refer to the User Manual for details. Once connected, select File > Prepare Firmware for PCMCIA Upgrade. Then select the appropriate firmware package (.dxf file). Three files will be created: LOADER.S, FIRMWARE.BIN and ONINSERT.DXC, and you will be prompted to save each one in turn: save them to a temporary folder on your computer’s hard disk.

Connect to the logger using an FTP client. For example, enter ftp:/ /USER:PASS@ into the address bar of Internet Explorer (where USER and PASS are the logger’s configured FTP username and password). You should see the contents of the root directory of the logger’s internal drive (B:), which will normally contain EVENTS, INI and JOBS folders, along with a file called FAILSAFE. Upload the LOADER.S and FIRMWARE.BIN files into the logger’s root directory (e.g. by dragging them from the temporary folder where you saved them). It is not necessary to transfer the ONINSERT.DXC file.

Refresh the FTP view to confirm that the files are present. If so, close the FTP client. In the DeTransfer send window, type !BOOTIT and press Enter. The upgrade will now start. Disconnect from the logger in DeTransfer, wait five minutes, and then re-connect. Verify the new firmware version by sending TEST0.