Collecting Meteorological Data Using a Weather Station Data Logger

Complete Weather Monitoring Using A dataTaker Data Logger

weather station data logger application photoA construction company needed to collect meteorological data to study the effects of building materials such as roofing tile for a meteorological data logging application. CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker DT85 for a weather station data logger environmental monitoring solution. Long-term monitoring of a variety of weather data is required to determine how the products perform under harsh environmental conditions. The field engineer desired a single recording device to connect with various types of environmental sensors that would be reliable enough to log unattended in harsh winter weather.


The field engineer assembled a fully-functioning weather station using a dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Universal Data Logger as the brain of the system. The data logger’s 16 analog inputs allow for connection of up to 32 differential or 48 single-ended sensors providing for potential future expansion. The DT85 data logger samples the analog signals from all these sensors scales the data into engineering units and securely logs the data to non-volatile memory.

The rugged DT85 data logger boasts a high-quality design that can stand up to extreme temperatures and hazardous environments. For additional protection, the dataTaker is housed in a waterproof Pelican© enclosure secured to a metal panel on the roof. External ports in the enclosure enable the dataTaker to connect to the extensive array of sensors. The DT-85 can connect directly to virtually any meteorological sensor, be it analog or digital. This flexibility allowed all required data to be logged by a single instrument.


The dataTaker DT85 data logger now collects data on solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation, surface temperatures, humidity, periods of wetness, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. The dataTaker records and stores a reading from each of these sensors at any interval chosen during configuration, for this application the engineer chose once every 15 minutes.

weather station data logger DAQ System The dataTaker data loggers have a 10 million data point memory for extended logging applications where physical access to the logger is inconvenient or not possible and users can utilize sophisticated memory management features. For this application, the engineer chose to unload the data with a USB thumb drive twice a month with a simple push of a button. From that point, the data can easily be transferred to a PC for analysis. Using the saved data files, the engineer can create tables, charts, and graphs illustrating the historical conditions to which the materials were exposed.

The dataTaker dEX software is built-in the DT85 and accessed with a web browser for quick setup and configuration in a user-friendly interface. Users can view the software directly with a USB or Ethernet connection or remotely over the Internet or via cellular modem.


The Intelligent Universal dataTaker DT85 is a flexible and reliable solution for recording and storing the necessary meteorological data at a cost-effective price. The field engineer doesn’t have to waste time learning two or more incompatible software applications thanks to the included dEX software. And the easy to use system is rugged enough to keep logging within its enclosure no matter the weather.

For further information on the dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger, weather station data loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.

weather station data logger in action