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Cost-Effective Wastewater Monitoring System Using a Datalogger

Wireless T&D RTR-502 Downloads Data Automatically

wastewater monitoring systemCAS DataLoggers provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a company storing wastewater tanks that required temperature monitoring. The tanks contained polluted wastewater awaiting treatment and had to be constantly monitored and maintained within a specific temperature range to keep bacteria from growing. The company began searching for a wireless water tank temperature sensor and data logger for a wastewater monitoring system that could perform highly-accurate measurements and automatically download their data to corporate offices in the building as well as to other remote areas.


The storage company installed 8 T&D RTR-502 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers on their waste storage tanks for an ideal wastewater monitoring system. Along with these, a T&D RTR-500NW Wireless Network Base Station was also installed to form a LAN-connected network and automatically retrieve the loggers’ data. Each wireless temperature data logger logged the tank temperature using an external temperature sensor with a measuring range of -60°C to 155°C (-76°F to 311°F) and a measurement resolution of 0.1°C. Readings were clearly visible on the datalogger’s LCD display and could be logged in either Celcius or Fahrenheit. Each T&D data logger was constructed with a rugged, compact design and had a large-capacity 16,000 point memory. Wireless communication between these units and the base unit ranged out to 150 meters unobstructed (500 feet), and the tanks’ data was collected at the user-defined interval of once per week. Additionally, the loggers’ water-resistant cases protected them from accidents. Each unit had a battery life of about 10 months with an option to upgrade to a large capacity battery pack enabling about 4 years of operation.

industrial temperature monitoring for wastewater monitoring systemThe RTR-500NW base station connected wirelessly to the RTR-502 units and automatically downloaded the recorded temperature data. The data was pushed via FTP from the data collector to the customer’s local FTP server where it was accessible by all interested parties with network access. The data could be sent to an e-mail address, FTP folder or T&D’s own free WebStorage server where it was available to view via any web browser.

After having deployed the base unit and data loggers, if the company wanted to make changes to the operating settings, or add a new wireless data logger; if they added a new tank, for instance, this was still possible over the network. The Base Unit could download via wireless communication one RTR-502 temperature datalogger in about two minutes. If a measurement exceeded one of the set upper or lower limits, the RTR-500NW/AW would judge whether or not an out of tolerance condition had occurred. If an out of tolerance condition had occurred, notification was shown by a local LED lamp, and an e-mail alert would be sent immediately.


The storage company benefitted in several key ways from installing the T&D wireless system to monitor their water storage tanks. The highly-accurate dataloggers provided wireless monitoring of each tank’s temperature, with their water-resistant casings providing reliable and durable operation. The loggers’ range was easily extended whenever that proved necessary, and management was always kept apprised of the tanks’ temperature via automatic data downloads. Additionally, the dataloggers provided several ways to send their data and alert messages online, offering a convenient wastewater monitoring system at a cost-effective price.

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