Greenhouse Temperature Monitoring Protects Sensitive Flower Species

Fresh Cut Flower Farm Uses Automated Greenhouse Monitoring CAS DataLoggers provided the greenhouse temperature monitoring solution for a large greenhouse currently cultivating several species of popular flowers, an extremely temperature and humidity sensitive process. The temperature and humidity requirements varied from flower to flower, with ideal temperature limits usually being between 57°F and 82°F (14°C … Continued

Sugar Beet Storage Protected By Data Logging

Squirrel Data Loggers Monitor Sugar Beet Processing CAS DataLoggers provided the data logging solution for UK sugar company British Sugar, which was searching for a high-tech way to prevent their sugar beet storage stock from deteriorating while waiting to be processed into white sugar bound for kitchens and tables around the world. Harvested sugar beets … Continued

Monitoring Flower Storage Temperature Remotely

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh & Ensure Quality CAS DataLoggers provided the remote flower storage temperature monitoring solution for a fresh flower supplier who needed to monitor the temperature in three remote storage sheds. Like everyone in the floral supply business, she was always expected to deliver reliably, and a single failure to keep … Continued