Vibration Monitoring System for Hydro Turbines

Delphin Expert Vibro System Diagnoses Faults Delphin Technology provided the vibration monitoring solution for Femaris, a Romanian company focusing mainly on providing products and services for measuring and analyzing technical parameters. Femaris offers complete solutions for the implementation of predictive and proactive machine maintenance, as well as online and offline monitoring of critical operational parameters. This … Continued

ADwin for Plastic Injection Molding Process Monitoring

Control Shot Injection with an ADwin Gold System CAS DataLoggers interviewed a long-time customer using an ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control System. Read on to learn how his plastic injection molding business has benefitted from high-speed data acquisition—and how your business can do the same. Q&A Session Q: You have been using the ADwin … Continued

Delphin Expert Key vs National Instruments NI-USB-6363

Data Acquisition System Product Comparison Customers are often faced with a bewildering array of options when trying to choose the most suitable data acquisition system for their application. Here is a brief comparison of specifications and capabilities between the Delphin Expert Key 100 from Delphin Technologies, and the NI-USB-6363, a multifunction data acquisition device in … Continued

Standalone Monitoring Systems Offer Secure Operation

Record Data Anywhere, Independent of a PC Do you need Standalone Monitoring Systems to record environmental data in the field, away from PC support? Are power outages a concern? At CAS DataLoggers, many of our customers call in requesting a PC-independent monitoring system which can simultaneously collect two or more different kinds of data. Whether … Continued

Online Condition Monitoring of Process Machinery

German Manufactured Systems Help Prevent Process Delays & Shutdowns In the process industry, online condition monitoring of production-critical machines is becoming increasingly important with the rise of the Internet of Things. As a result, manufacturers are gradually replacing their redundant equipment with modern, PC-based data acquisition technology which enables predictable maintenance and scheduled production downtimes. … Continued

Plug-and-Play Data Acquisition Using a PC

Delphin Expert Key Devices for Temperature Measurement and More Recording measurement data using a PC requires solutions that are quick and easy to use. This in turn requires data acquisition systems with extremely high resolution, potential isolation, and reliability. To meet users’ needs, Delphin Expert Key devices have all these features and are also equipped … Continued

Fully Automated Luminaire Testing Procedures

Delphin Test & Measurement Systems for Test Automation Every day we depend on luminaire products for indoor lighting, whether at work or at home. As with all electro-technical devices, consumer safety is particularly important. Even the latest LED technology requires high-level testing for safety and reliability. For this reason, manufacturers put their newly-developed lamps through … Continued

ADwin for Test and Control of Rotating Machines

Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems for Machine Test Stands Automotive test bench applications require real-time test and measurement to increase PQ and to lower recall rates. To achieve this, the use of data acquisition and control systems is especially common in test stand setups. In particular, product quality technicians and test system integrators who need to … Continued

Sequential Process Control Via Automated Systems

Delphin Control Systems Enable Custom Programming Programming by Selection: Process control systems are used primarily in laboratories, at universities and in industrial research and development departments. For example, manufacturers rely on temperature profiles to test household appliances. Meanwhile laboratory users require a high level of system flexibility and fast response times. All these needs exclude … Continued

Event Triggered Data Acquisition Using an ADwin DAQ

Real-Time DAQ and Control Systems Enable High-Speed Process Monitoring *Adapted from ‘Event Triggered Data Acquisition with ADwin’ by Doug Rathburn of Keithley Instruments, Inc. Introduction In today’s production environments it is increasingly important to capture data coming from each process and exert some control over the process to maintain quality and efficiency.  The data is … Continued