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Reliable Vehicle Performance Testing

CAS DataLoggers provided an automobile manufacturer a data logger for vehicle performance testing to ensure safety and robustness of the product line.

Remote Solution For Automobile Air Conditioning Performance Test

dataTaker Dt80 Records Temperature, Voltage, Current, Pressure & Speed Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton needed to perform the air conditioning performance test of a newly developed A/C system installed in their Proton Persona 1.6 MT-Line test car. During these rigorous tests, performance was monitored under several different test patterns measuring such factors as ambient temperatures and … Continued

DAQ System As High-Speed Brake Testing Equipment

The ADwin-Gold Validates Brake Performance in Prototype Car CAS DataLoggers supplied the data acquisition solution for an automotive manufacturer of passenger vehicles who needed to evaluate the reliability of a prototype vehicle’s brake system. This would give them a highly accurate view of both component life and servicing expectations. The front disk pad temperatures, MPH, … Continued