Using PSI5 Sensor Interfaces with ADwin Real-Time Systems

Introduction to PSI5 Sensor Interfaces The Peripheral Sensor Interface (PSI5) communications interface is a 2-wire serial communications interface found in the automotive industry. PSI5 sensor interfaces are used in millions of vehicles to interface sensors like accelerometers to Electronic Control Units (ECU) in applications for airbag systems. Promoted by major auto suppliers such as Bosch … Continued

Real-Time Control System Acts as Closed-Loop Motor Controller

ADwin Systems Enable Nanosecond-Speed Control Automotive data acquisition applications often use closed-loop control systems for ECU testing, engine prototype development, fuel injection, and more. These data monitoring applications can greatly benefit from modern control systems. Designed expressly for real-time control of automotive applications, ADwin systems control processes fully independently. With nanosecond control and sampling, ADwin … Continued

Solutions for Emissions Testing, Performance Verification and More

CANgate Converts CAN and GPS Data to Serial ASCII Data CANbus monitoring applications often require multi-value recording of engine and emissions data. At CAS DataLoggers we recommend the dataTaker CANgate CAN-to-ASCII gateway, which filters and converts CAN (Controller Area Network) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data to serial ASCII data. Datataker is ideal to provide … Continued

Cambridge Racing Team Keeps Competitive with High-Tech Tool

Influx Rebel XT Vehicle Data Logger Records Test Data Cambridge University Eco-Racing (CUER) is a student-run society of 60 undergraduates affiliated with the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department who design, build and race solar-powered vehicles. Their main competition is a biennial endurance challenge consisting of a 3,000 km (1,864 miles) journey across the Australian outback, … Continued

Performance Validation of Test Cars

Grant Squirrel SQ2040 Portable Universal Input Data Logger CAS DataLoggers recently provided a major automobile manufacturer with the data logging solution for its rigorous performance validation testing. As part of the testing of any new vehicle, sample units were typically subject to a variety of endurance and durability tests to identify any potential weak points … Continued

Dearman Relies on Influx Technology for Engine Data Collection

Rebel CT Compact Datalogger Captures Vehicle Parameters Dearman is an innovative technology company developing zero-emission power and cooling solutions. At the heart of Dearman’s technology portfolio is an innovative piston engine powered by the rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen – the Dearman Engine. The Dearman Engine is the first engine to deliver efficient power and … Continued

Time-Synchronized Acquisition of GPS Positional Data

A Single System for Measurement and Analysis Delphin data loggers have the ability to determine positions via GPS signals. This is ideal for vehicular applications including automotive testing, flight testing, field trials and more. The GPS signal is received via a GPS sensor serially connected to a Delphin data logger. The sensor records GPS data … Continued

Drive-by-Wire Testing Using ADwin Systems

Real-Time Data Collection for Analog, Digital and CANbus Applications In the automotive industry, Drive-by-wire (AKA X-by-wire) technology has replaced many traditional mechanical control systems with electronic and electro-mechanical control systems including brake-by-wire and electronic throttle control. This has resulted in improved safety and ergonomic designs along with more options in commercial cars. Drive-by-wire systems require … Continued

Microinterruption Test for Switches in the Auto Industry

Classification of Transient Duration on Contacts and Relays ADwin data acquisition and control systems are commonly used for automotive test applications for ECUs and other CANbus devices, actuators, sensors, combustion engines, field bus systems, and many more. In our latest Apps Note, CAS DataLoggers outlines a typical automotive test application for documenting that components are … Continued

Reliable Satellite Communication in the Desert

‘Hot Soak’ Test Verifies Automotive Material Quality Recently a vehicle manufacturer used a unique data logging solution to help perform a series of rigorous tests on its prototype vehicles. The most punishing of these tests is called the ‘Hot Soak’—here the vehicle is parked outside in a desert facility and left over an extended period. … Continued