Determining Concrete Maturity with Temperature Monitoring

Thermocouple Data Loggers Save Time & Improve Safety Concrete maturity is a measure of how much a batch of freshly poured concrete has cured. It is a quick indicator of the in-place strength at that point in time relative to the ultimate strength when the concrete is fully cured. Traditional measurements of concrete strength rely … Continued

Monitoring and Repairing a Natural Historic Landmark

L.A. County Museum of Art Conservation Project CAS DataLoggers provided the structural monitoring solution for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which had begun work on their newest conservation project–the Watts Towers, a Los Angeles monument and a masterpiece of regional folk art. The Towers were named a National Historic Landmark in 1990, with … Continued

Wireless Environmental Monitoring Documents Quality Construction

TR-7wf Loggers Push Data to Construction Site’s WiFi Network Recently CAS DataLoggers supplied the environmental monitoring solution for Power Construction, a general contractor working onsite at a large hospital project in Chicago. Rated as one of the Top 100 Workplaces in 2015 by the Chicago Tribune, Power Construction is utilizing an innovative Environmental Monitoring system … Continued

The Building Blocks of Life

Universal Data Logger Monitors Revolutionary Green Construction Process Built With Nature As the need for sustainable manufacturing methods in construction increases, companies are utilizing smart monitoring systems to capture and analyze critical process data. Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the universal datalogging solution to bioMASON Inc. in a truly unique process monitoring application. Founded in 2012 … Continued

Temperature Monitoring of Cooling Metal for Quality Welds

Accurate Temperature Data Helps Prevent Metal Deformation CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker data logging solution for a welding company working on a wide variety of metal parts. In many of their jobs workers needed to monitor the temperature of long lengths of pipe. The high heat applied during the welding process distorts and warps the … Continued

Recording Road Surfacing Data to Prove Process Efficiency

Save on Costs with an All-in-One System CAS DataLoggers recently provided the comprehensive data logging solution for a company owning several bitumen spray trucks used to seal roads and highways. Management wanted to demonstrate the quality and efficiency of their process to customers by recording the specific information regarding their particular assembly during multiple bitumen … Continued

Improving Concrete Testing by Duplicating Real-World Conditions

Remote Monitoring and Alarming Solution from CAS DataLoggers A large manufacturing technology company contacted CAS DataLoggers after being asked to develop a best practice method for testing the cure and strength of structural concrete in the field. Normal testing requires large margins for error due to variations in ambient conditions between test and field site … Continued

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Protects Building Insulation

Grant Squirrel Data Loggers Offer a Portable Solution CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a large manufacturer of insulation materials which had an ongoing problem with moisture getting in during storage and shipment of their insulation rolls. The company’s thermal insulation was crucial to its customers in construction due to its ability to … Continued

Residual Load Testing of Anchor Bolts

Complete Control of Schedule Size with dataTaker CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the data logging solution for a world-leading manufacturer of masonry fasteners. As part of their product development, company engineers needed to measure the peak installation load and to monitor how the load reduced as the newly- installed fastener “bedded in”. Designers needed to determine … Continued

Structural Monitoring Inside a Copper Mine

Remote Monitoring Solutions from dataTaker CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the intelligent datalogging solution for the operators of a copper mine. For the safety of both miners and machinery, it was essential that any potentially dangerous situations were identified early by closely monitoring the mine’s entire structure to detect ground movement or subsidence around the mine … Continued