Simple, Valuable Solar Energy Monitoring with a Data Logger

Accsense Electrocorder Kit for Solar Energy Audit As summer begins, photovoltaic, PV, panel installers and servicepersons can realize significant benefit from using solar energy monitoring to prove to clients that the promised savings are really delivered. Alternatively, if you’re the owner of one of these systems and you need to prove reduced draw from the … Continued

Utility Monitoring in a School Building

Universal Input Data Loggers Offer Total Building Solution A customer needed a utility monitoring solution to accurately monitor utility usage in a school building, totalized by floor. They needed to present this data in an easy-to-understand dashboard for each wing and as an aggregate total for the entire building. The client also had electric sub-panels … Continued

HVAC Monitoring Saves Costs for a School Building

Wireless Technology from CAS DataLoggers Monitors Energy Usage in Real-Time CAS Dataloggers supplied the wireless data logging solution for a middle school maintenance supervisor who needed to perform power factoring on the building’s HVAC system before winter arrived. The school needed a lightweight yet affordable monitoring system that could connect to most available power meters … Continued

How to Collect Energy Data Compliant to EN50001

Using a Data Logger to Collect and Analyze Current and Voltage Data The EN50001 standard requires high energy-consuming industries to implement energy-saving measures and, when required, to install energy management systems. Energy consumption data therefore requires users to record data, which can be performed using Delphin Message series data loggers. Due to their LAN interfaces, … Continued

HVAC Power Metering Using Pulse Data Loggers

T&D RTR-505-P Wireless Pulse Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers supplied the wireless HVAC power metering data logging solution for an HVAC contractor who needed to perform power monitoring for their client’s 25 HVAC systems installed in a strip mall. The owner began searching for a compact yet cost-effective data logging device that could connect to most … Continued

Energy Audits: What Do You Need to Know?

Accsense Electrocorder Measures Current/Voltage and Power/Energy By now the term Energy Audit is familiar to most readers in business and industry. However, even though most people know that the aim of an energy audit is to reduce their usage and improve performance, many don’t know how to perform one for their own facility. In this … Continued

Delphin Systems Are Helping Facilities Cut Energy Costs

Perform Energy Audits to Identify Savings Areas Energy Management Systems Energy costs run high for facilities in every industrial sector. Regardless of size, businesses and organizations are looking to reduce their energy consumption to cut costs and achieve regulatory compliance with carbon targets. No matter your industry, energy management is a potential source of significant … Continued

Automatically Monitoring Energy Resources Using a Data Logger

DataTaker Stand-Alone Solution Remotely Sends Data via FTP CAS DataLoggers has provided the automated dataTaker data logging solution to a government-owned school building being retrofitted with a solar energy system as part of its renewable energy initiative. The federal department responsible wanted a device in the building to remotely monitor and record their system’s energy … Continued

Voltage Optimization: How Can It Save You Money?

Accsense Electrocorder: Powerfully Measured Voltage Optimization: The average voltage supply from many national grids around the world is often higher than the ideal operating voltage for most electrical equipment from lighting to motors. For example, a 230V linear appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more … Continued

Troubleshooting UPS Alarm Events Using a Voltage Data Logger

In an ongoing ‘stumper’ troubleshooting application, CAS DataLoggers has provided the Accsense Electrocorder voltage datalogging solution for Osage Energies, a Generac Full-Service Dealer based in Vermilion County, Illinois. Osage Energies installs and services emergency power generators to backup air-cool residential/commercial HVAC systems and also supplies UPS batteries and custom control design. Owner Lu Green is … Continued