dataTaker Will Monitor Power Consumption Hassle-Free

CAS DataLoggers provided a data logging system to a large concrete manufacturing plant that needed to monitor power consumption in conjunction with many other electrical parameters. This data was used both for energy efficiency studies and to capture voltage and frequency fluctuations in the power grid. The plant had strict requirements on the power factor of their equipment, so they wanted to install local metering to ensure that their equipment stayed within acceptable limits.

Flare Stack Monitoring Minimizes Environmental Impact

EPA Flare Regulations Ensure Safe Flare Stack Operations CAS DataLoggers recently provided the flare stack monitoring solution to a processor of industrial railcars who dispose of the reclaimed chemicals and hydrocarbon liquids using a flare stack. A flare stack is the last line of defense for ensuring that toxic hydrocarbons are neutralized before they are … Continued

Simple, Valuable Solar Energy Monitoring with a Data Logger

Accsense Electrocorder Kit for Solar Energy Audit As summer begins, photovoltaic, PV, panel installers and servicepersons can realize significant benefit from using solar energy monitoring to prove to clients that the promised savings are really delivered. Alternatively, if you’re the owner of one of these systems and you need to prove reduced draw from the … Continued

PV Monitoring System Offers Solution for Plant’s Solar Array

dataTaker DT85 Monitors Electrical and Environmental Parameters as a PV Monitoring System A customer inquired with CAS DataLoggers about a plant monitoring systems for a photovoltaic (PV) system. Their request was not only for a device to measure the current and voltage output of the solar array, but also for environmental monitoring of local conditions since … Continued

Process and Energy Data Acquisition Using Delphin

Record Data Anywhere, Independent of a PC with Process and Energy Data Acquisition The increasing focus on “Going Green” is permeating all areas of business. As part of the ongoing need for Process and Energy Data Acquisition to record and reduce energy costs, optimizing energy use has become a priority not just for high-consumption industries but … Continued

Utility Monitoring in a School Building

Universal Input Data Loggers Offer Total Building Solution A customer needed a utility monitoring solution to accurately monitor utility usage in a school building, totalized by floor. They needed to present this data in an easy-to-understand dashboard for each wing and as an aggregate total for the entire building. The client also had electric sub-panels … Continued

Synchronized Acquisition of Power Data

Product Testing Applications Made Simpler Product testing requires not only the conventional data acquisition of analog signals such as temperatures, pressures and flows, but also often the synchronized acquisition of power of data. This power data normally needs to be acquired in the form of AC values from the primary-side supply. Other relevant values include … Continued

Vibration Monitoring of Turbines and Generators

Compact All-in-One Solution Monitors and Analyzes Data Vibration data is a key indicator of the status of your costly electrical equipment. Industrial turbines and generators alike can be monitored for improper vibration values regardless of power class and bearing type. Vibration velocity is typically monitored as a crucial way to help prevent costly machine shutdowns … Continued

Capturing Closed-Loop Control System Cycles for Increased Energy Savings

Identifying Opportunities to Increase Energy Efficiency Frequent on/off cycling can waste money and reduce system life in many closed loop control systems, including: Thermostatically-controlled heating systems Pressure-controlled compressor systems Luminescence-controlled lighting systems For example, CAS Data Loggers recently supplied an Accsense Electrocorder EC-1V data logger to monitor a customer’s oil-fired central heating system for their … Continued