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Remote Data Acquisition Solution In Natural Gas Dehydration Plants

Delphin DAQ Systems CAS DataLoggers provided a remote data acquisition solution for a state-owned oil and gas company located in Eastern Europe involved in developing natural gas in distant gas fields. The gas came out of a wellhead for processing in either of two dehydration plants. These plants extract water from the gas before sending … Continued

Environmental Data Collection Protects Medical Warehouse

T&D Data Loggers Monitor Performance Qualification A medical device company required a temperature and humidity monitoring system to ensure optimal temperature and relative humidity conditions in its warehouse facility for environmental data collection. The customer installed an RTR-500 wireless data logging system to measure and record the air temperature and relative humidity in its 145,000 … Continued

Cost-Effective Wastewater Monitoring System Using a Datalogger

Wireless T&D RTR-502 Downloads Data Automatically CAS DataLoggers provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a company storing wastewater tanks that required temperature monitoring. The tanks contained polluted wastewater awaiting treatment and had to be constantly monitored and maintained within a specific temperature range to keep bacteria from growing. The company began searching for a … Continued

Make Your Own Weather Monitoring System Using a DataTaker DT80M

Modem Data Logging is Ideal for Remote Weather Monitoring Applications Weather stations are a valuable tool for many different businesses and organizations in the community, from the farmer who needs to know the best time for crop planting to the agricultural scientist researching crop yields to the local news station in its daily weather forecasting. … Continued

Continuously Monitoring a Radon Mitigation System

ADU-500 Offers Cost-Effective, Wireless Solution to Contractors Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that is present in trace amounts in the environment. It results as part of the radioactive decay chain of uranium and thorium in the earth’s crust. The problem is that it can leak up from the ground and accumulate in buildings; … Continued

Wastewater Monitoring Equipment for An Airport Group

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the wastewater monitoring solution for a major airport group based in the UK whose fluid run-off threatened to endanger the aquatic ecosystem near the airports. The commercial airline needed an online device capable of monitoring toxic discharges into local rivers. The airline routinely sprayed de-icer and anti-icer solution onto their aircraft … Continued

Flare Stack Monitoring Minimizes Environmental Impact

EPA Flare Regulations Ensure Safe Flare Stack Operations CAS DataLoggers recently provided the flare stack monitoring solution to a processor of industrial railcars who dispose of the reclaimed chemicals and hydrocarbon liquids using a flare stack. A flare stack is the last line of defense for ensuring that toxic hydrocarbons are neutralized before they are … Continued