Performance Monitoring System for Design Validation

Log it All with dataTaker! Whether startups or large manufacturers, companies need data in order to ensure that new products and systems perform to design specifications. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” holds true when performing device or system validation and proof of concept for prototype devices. dataTaker Universal Input Data Loggers can collect … Continued

Automated Data Collection Reduces Errors

Manual Recording vs Automated Data Collection with a Data Logger Humans make errors…it is a well-known fact. Accurate production data is of critical importance to many manufacturing companies.  Quality control best practices and production traceability requires error-free data collection with automated data collection from many manufacturing processes including heat treat ovens and composite cold storage.  … Continued

Production Monitoring of a Metal Stamping Press

Real-Time Data Acquisition for Production Monitoring A manufacturer of automotive torque converters wanted to increase quality and reduce scrap from the metal stamping press operations with the Production Monitoring of a Metal Stamping Press. The parts were created on hydraulic stamping presses which created a series of indentations in the metal part.  In a metal … Continued

Synchronized Acquisition of Power Data

Product Testing Applications Made Simpler Product testing requires not only the conventional data acquisition of analog signals such as temperatures, pressures and flows, but also often the synchronized acquisition of power of data. This power data normally needs to be acquired in the form of AC values from the primary-side supply. Other relevant values include … Continued

Ceramics Manufacturer Uses Wireless Temperature Monitoring to Ensure PQ in Kiln Application

Flexible Solutions with Powerful Analysis Software Recently, we provided the temperature monitoring solution for Heath Ceramics, an innovative manufacturer headquartered in Sausalito, California. Heath’s products are handcrafted in small runs by skilled artisans in the Bay Area. With showrooms in Los Angeles and in San Francisco, their products are favorites of hotels, restaurants, museums, and … Continued

Connect Your Machines to the Cloud with Delphin Expert Devices

Flexible Solutions with Powerful Analysis Software The requirements placed on modern data acquisition systems are diverse. On the one hand, they must be reliable and flexible and provide high resolution. On the other, strong communication capabilities are expected. Access to measurement data from the internet or the cloud must be possible from different types of … Continued

Vibration Monitoring of Turbines and Generators

Compact All-in-One Solution Monitors and Analyzes Data Vibration data is a key indicator of the status of your costly electrical equipment. Industrial turbines and generators alike can be monitored for improper vibration values regardless of power class and bearing type. Vibration velocity is typically monitored as a crucial way to help prevent costly machine shutdowns … Continued

Remote Monitoring in Plants via UMTS/LTE

Plants and Factories Can Benefit from Independent Data Collection Remote monitoring and data transmission has by now become a business-critical capability in many industries, especially in machine and plant engineering applications. To quickly implement these capabilities, Delphin Message or Expert Transient devices are commonly used by manufacturers due to their ability to perform: Independent data … Continued

Online Condition Monitoring of Process Machinery

German Manufactured Systems Help Prevent Process Delays & Shutdowns In the process industry, online condition monitoring of production-critical machines is becoming increasingly important with the rise of the Internet of Things. As a result, manufacturers are gradually replacing their redundant equipment with modern, PC-based data acquisition technology which enables predictable maintenance and scheduled production downtimes. … Continued

Automated System Monitors Mining Operations for ROI

Smart Systems Data logger manufacturer dataTaker helps users gather the critical information needed to make faster and smarter choices. These smart systems are equally suited to customers in the industrial, manufacturing, scientific, geophysical, engineering, mining and defense industries. At CAS DataLoggers we distribute dataTaker systems and consult with our customers to develop an ideal turnkey … Continued