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Cold Chain Monitoring Solution for Fruit & Vegetable Transport

SwiTrace Data Loggers Provide Proof of Product Quality CAS DataLoggers provided its SwiTrace Temperature Data Loggers to a shipper exporting fruits and vegetables. Most of these products were very temperature-sensitive and could easily spoil if not kept in the proper environment. Therefore, it was essential to put in place a cold chain monitoring solution to … Continued

Optimizing Commercial Dishwashers in a Catering Kitchen

­ Multi-Value Data Logger Helps Streamline the Business A busy catering kitchen required an intelligent system to monitor the operation of their commercial dishwashers. Their goal was to determine optimum wash times in order to have their kitchenware ready for re-use, and also for identifying when any dishwashers in the ‘dishwashing lane’ were malfunctioning. Management … Continued

Brewing Plant Process Control Monitoring Made Effortless

Large Brewery Tests a New Plant Process Control Monitoring System CAS DataLoggers services one of the world’s largest brewing companies with a brewing Plant Process Control Monitoring system. The organization operates a brewing plant located in Eastern Europe which produces about 600,000 liters of beer destined for export markets in the USA, Russia, Sweden, and … Continued

Proving Quality of Beverage Shipments to Vendors

Low-Cost Regulatory Cold Chain Solutions for Beverage Suppliers Recently, CAS DataLoggers provided the cold chain validation solution for a large-scale beverage supplier. This producer sells drinks which contain small amounts of milk, so this product has to be shipped to vendors in refrigerated truck compartments. In light of increasing Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) enforcement, … Continued

Food Manufacturer Saves Time with Automatic Data Retrieval

Multi-Value Temperature Recorder Transmits Data via Modbus Earlier this year CAS DataLoggers provided the data capture solution for an industrial plant manufacturing frozen food products. Operators needed to collect real-time data on temperature, current, and the distance traveled by moving carts. The plant needed a data logger with several input channels to record both analog … Continued

Delivering Proof of Quality Frozen Product to Food Receivers

Data Loggers Store Temperatures on the Cloud CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature data logging solution for a customer who produced whole frozen turkeys for sale in supermarkets. Once frozen, the meat needed to be maintained at or below 0°F (-17°C) to avoid rapid spoiling and attendant health risks. Often, temperature levels will vary across product in … Continued

FSMA Applies to Pet Food Manufacturers

T&D Temperature Data Loggers for Proof of Best Practices As of earlier this year, FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act)—has already begun to be enforced for large pet food manufacturers. As part of the FDA’s food safety mandate, FSMA requires that animal food processors produce electronic temperature documentation at every link of the cold chain. … Continued