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HVAC Monitoring Saves Costs for a School Building

Wireless Technology from CAS DataLoggers Monitors Energy Usage in Real-Time CAS Dataloggers supplied the wireless data logging solution for a middle school maintenance supervisor who needed to perform power factoring on the building’s HVAC system before winter arrived. The school needed a lightweight yet affordable monitoring system that could connect to most available power meters … Continued

Fast and Flexible Technology for Test Measurement

Professional Test and Measurement Systems Heating unit and HVAC system testing is performed according to a wide range of industry standards. Measurement data provides the basis for a product‘s technical specifications, so a manufacturer’s sensor technology has to be capable of high-level precision. Meanwhile technicians require full automation of testing procedures and test results, but … Continued

HVAC Power Metering Using Pulse Data Loggers

T&D RTR-505-P Wireless Pulse Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers supplied the wireless HVAC power metering data logging solution for an HVAC contractor who needed to perform power monitoring for their client’s 25 HVAC systems installed in a strip mall. The owner began searching for a compact yet cost-effective data logging device that could connect to most … Continued

Monitoring a Vacation Home Through the Winter

Wireless Data Logger Monitors Residential Temperature and Humidity CAS DataLoggers recently supplied a low-cost recording and alarming device to a homeowner in the Northeast who needed continual monitoring for his summer vacation home for temperature and humidity. This way the caretaker (a relative) could be alerted whenever the temperature was cold enough to cause burst … Continued

Data Monitoring for a Rural Development Charity

Using the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger Datataker Pty Ltd, with integration from Engineers Without Borders Australia, recently provided the data logging solution for RIDS-Nepal (Rural Integrated Development Services in Nepal), a Nepali non-profit, non-government organization with the stated mission to improve the overall living conditions of the impoverished high-altitude communities in the … Continued