Cost-Effective Wastewater Monitoring System Using a Datalogger

Wireless T&D RTR-502 Downloads Data Automatically CAS DataLoggers provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a company storing wastewater tanks that required temperature monitoring. The tanks contained polluted wastewater awaiting treatment and had to be constantly monitored and maintained within a specific temperature range to keep bacteria from growing. The company began searching for a … Continued

Water Flow Monitoring Helps Avoid Costly Fines

Water Distribution Company Refines Pumping System Many water distribution companies use a similar process for Water Flow Monitoring:  Collect water from a well with the help of water pumps, utilize a pond or reservoir to temporarily store the water and maintain a loading center to fill water trucks for transport. The problem is how to … Continued

Wastewater Monitoring Equipment for An Airport Group

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the wastewater monitoring solution for a major airport group based in the UK whose fluid run-off threatened to endanger the aquatic ecosystem near the airports. The commercial airline needed an online device capable of monitoring toxic discharges into local rivers. The airline routinely sprayed de-icer and anti-icer solution onto their aircraft … Continued

Water Quality Data Logger for Monitoring Coal Mine Runoff

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions from dataTaker CAS DataLoggers provided an intelligent water quality data logging solution for an open-cut coal mine to monitor high salinity water runoff into local retaining ponds with a Water Quality Data Logger. The water from these retention ponds could only be released into the local river system when it was … Continued