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Vibration Monitoring System for Hydro Turbines

Delphin Expert Vibro System Diagnoses Faults Delphin Technology provided the vibration monitoring solution for Femaris, a Romanian company focusing mainly on providing products and services for measuring and analyzing technical parameters. Femaris offers complete solutions for the implementation of predictive and proactive machine maintenance, as well as online and offline monitoring of critical operational parameters. This … Continued

Measuring Surface Temperature of Cooling Metal for Quality Welds

dataTaker DT82I Data Helps Prevent Metal Deformation CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker datalogging solution for a welding company manufacturing a wide variety of metal parts. In many of their jobs workers needed assistance with measuring surface temperature of long lengths of pipe. The high heat applied during the welding process distorts and warps the metal … Continued

ADwin for Plastic Injection Molding Process Monitoring

Control Shot Injection with an ADwin Gold System CAS DataLoggers interviewed a long-time customer using an ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control System. Read on to learn how his plastic injection molding business has benefitted from high-speed data acquisition—and how your business can do the same. Q&A Session Q: You have been using the ADwin … Continued

Performance Monitoring System for Design Validation

Log it All with dataTaker! Whether startups or large manufacturers, companies need data in order to ensure that new products and systems perform to design specifications. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” holds true when performing device or system validation and proof of concept for prototype devices. dataTaker Universal Input Data Loggers can collect … Continued

Automated Data Collection Reduces Errors

Manual Recording vs Automated Data Collection with a Data Logger Humans make errors…it is a well-known fact. Accurate production data is of critical importance to many manufacturing companies.  Quality control best practices and production traceability requires error-free data collection with automated data collection from many manufacturing processes including heat treat ovens and composite cold storage.  … Continued

Production Monitoring of a Metal Stamping Press

Real-Time Data Acquisition for Production Monitoring A manufacturer of automotive torque converters wanted to increase quality and reduce scrap from the metal stamping press operations with the Production Monitoring of a Metal Stamping Press. The parts were created on hydraulic stamping presses which created a series of indentations in the metal part.  In a metal … Continued