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Water Tank Monitoring System For R&D Testing

CAS DataLoggers provided the stand-alone water tank monitoring system for a company doing R&D testing for their water purification filter systems.

Lab Goes Paperless With a Digital Chart Recorder

A research lab requiring to monitor temperature goes paperless with a digital chart recorder saving valuable time and enabling instant data readings.

Cold Atom Physics Experiments Controlled by ADwin

ADwin-Pro-II Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control CAS DataLoggers provided the data acquisition and control solution for a professor of physics, specifically focusing on cold atom physics at a major university. They began running an experiment producing ultracold quantum gases containing either bosons and fermions. The experiment took place under high vacuum inside a pyrex glass … Continued

Air Pressure Monitoring for a Chemical Fume Hood

Accsense A1-O1a Pressure and Temperature Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers provided the datalogging solution used to record pressure and temperature to monitor the operation of a laboratory fume hood. The manufacturer uses a chemical fume hood to protect workers by containing vapors, dusts, gases, and fumes, and then expelling them out via the ducted hood’s exhaust … Continued

XY Loop Control of Scanning Electron Microscopes

ADwin-Gold II Real-Time Systems for Precise Control When working with high-tech lab equipment such as scanning electron microscopes, users need instantaneous feedback to achieve high precision and real-time control. For these applications, ADwin measurement and control systems can provide an XY Loop control on scanning microscopes. These systems achieve high-speed control independent of a PC. … Continued