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Medical Monitoring and Alarming at a Glance

Single-Use Temperature Loggers Monitor Vaccine Storage In light of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for safe vaccine storage, pharmacies have an increasing need for electronic temperature monitoring and alarming. The new measures are aimed at keeping these fragile supplies stored at a constant of 35-46°F (2-8°C) to avoid spoiling, which the CDC claims … Continued

Cleanroom Monitoring and Validation in a Single System

Send Your Data to the Cloud for a Hassle-Free Audit Whether you’re a Quality Engineer, Pharmaceutical Microbiologist or hospital staffer, proving cleanroom sterilization and decontamination is critical for both open and closed processes. Defining your monitoring points, sampling frequency, and documenting the results must all be part of your environmental monitoring plan. However, when performed … Continued

Medical Monitoring System Logs & Alarms Multiple Parameters

Accsense Monitoring for Cleanrooms, Surgeries, and Incubators If you need comprehensive medical monitoring of temperature or other values, consider Accsense Monitoring, popular for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and labs. An Accsense Online Monitoring system can continually monitor any healthcare environment from refrigerated medication storage, incubators, cleanroom differential pressure and patient care areas. These systems … Continued

Cleanroom Monitoring with Secure Data Capture

Delphin Systems’ Universal Inputs Log Every Measurement Value In the pharmaceutical industry, continuous and secure data acquisition and documentation is crucial for production and storage requirements, and also for research and development. According to FDA Part 11, data acquisition and monitoring systems within cleanrooms must operate in compliance with GAMP/GMP guidelines. Additionally, measurement data and … Continued

Monitoring and Alarming Multiple Incubators with a Single Data Logger

Accsense VersaLog Uses 8 Channels for Multi-Point Monitoring   Application Overview: Recently CAS Data Loggers provided the Accsense VersaLog temperature alarming and monitoring solution for an In Vitro fertilization clinic. The clinic needs to log temperature on three stacked automatic injection CO2 incubators used for culturing patients’ embryos. The clinic was using paper chart recorders … Continued

Protecting Irreplaceable Blood Samples for Pediatric AIDS Research

Accsense Online Monitoring for Medical Refrigerators and LN2 Freezers The University of Southern California’s Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Virology Research Laboratory relies on their Accsense Online Monitoring System to monitor specimen temperature and to provide alarming for their freezer storage units. This CLIA certified lab also works under the NIH’s (National Institute of Health) Division … Continued

Installing Medical Freezer Temperature and Alarm Monitoring

T&D’s High-Quality Data Loggers Protect Prescription Medicines CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature monitoring and alarming solution for a nationwide security company with a pharmacy client who required additional alarming for their 3 medical refrigerators. These storage units contained extremely temperature-sensitive prescription medicine such as amoxicillin which required continual monitoring at a high level of … Continued

Cleanroom Monitoring Systems Keep Pharma Data Secure

Delphin Technology Offers Secure Data Acquisition Continuous and secure data acquisition and documentation is especially important in the pharmaceutical industry for its unique production and storage requirements, as well as for proprietary research and development. According to FDA Part 11, data acquisition and monitoring systems in cleanrooms must operate in compliance with GAMP/GMP guidelines. For … Continued

Modbus Networking in a Hospital

Monitoring Freezers for Temperature of Vaccines Recently a hospital required an automated temperature monitoring solution in order to measure and record the temperature of 50 freezers storing temperature-sensitive life science products. These freezers are located throughout the facility on 3 separate floors, but users need centralized access to all the temperature data. The hospital’s IT … Continued

24/7 Monitoring and Alarming All Critical Parameters in Healthcare

Accsense Online Monitoring System Complies with Joint Commission For comprehensive environmental monitoring in hospitals and healthcare clinics Accsense Online Monitoring system can record and scale 3rd party sensors, built to industry standards, with outputs like 4-20mA, 0-5 or 0-10VDC, resistance and digital.  Fully compliant with Joint Commission guidelines, Accsense is the choice of many of … Continued