Gas Monitoring and Recording in a Chemical Plant

dataTaker-Based Gas Detection Equipment CAS DataLoggers provided a unique gas monitoring and temperature monitoring solution for an international chemical company, where health and safety was an important consideration. Harmful gas detection was placed high on the list of priorities: hydrochloric acid gas was produced when a standard chemical made by the company leaked to the … Continued

Remote Data Acquisition Solution In Natural Gas Dehydration Plants

Delphin DAQ Systems CAS DataLoggers provided a remote data acquisition solution for a state-owned oil and gas company located in Eastern Europe involved in developing natural gas in distant gas fields. The gas came out of a wellhead for processing in either of two dehydration plants. These plants extract water from the gas before sending … Continued

Condition Monitoring of a Mining Quarry for Optimal Production

Versatile dataTaker DT80 CAS DataLoggers supplied the data logging solution for a major international building supplies provider experiencing regular downtime in one of their mining quarries. Raw materials were constantly moved using conveyor belts throughout the quarry, and evidence of a problem had surfaced when significant discrepancies between the manually-reported stoppages and the material throughput … Continued

Coker Valve Monitoring in a Refinery

Measurement & Control Solution for Manufacturer of Valve Systems CAS DataLoggers provided the measurement and control solution for a large manufacturer of valve systems used in many different industries. The company produces ball, needle, choke, control, gate, and other types of valve systems with many different diameters. One of its customers was a refinery using … Continued