Oven Temperature Profiling of Metal Alloys At 800 Fahrenheit

Portable Oven Temperature Data Logger from CAS DataLoggers CAS DataLoggers recently provided the oven temperature monitoring solution for a manufacturer who needed to monitor their through process. This involved large batches of metal alloys exposed to high temperatures in a long curing process. The customer’s large production runs were cured in batches for hours in … Continued

Monitoring and Alarming Multiple Incubators with a Single Data Logger

Accsense VersaLog Uses 8 Channels for Multi-Point Monitoring   Application Overview: Recently CAS Data Loggers provided the Accsense VersaLog temperature alarming and monitoring solution for an In Vitro fertilization clinic. The clinic needs to log temperature on three stacked automatic injection CO2 incubators used for culturing patients’ embryos. The clinic was using paper chart recorders … Continued

Using an Intelligent Universal Data Logger Reduces Solder Waste and Costs

CAS Data Loggers Helps a Manufacturer Improve Product Quality   CAS Data Loggers has provided the dataTaker Intelligent Universal Data Logger to monitor solder temperature and reduce defective components. The plant’s solder pot is a cast iron crucible about the size of a large dorm fridge, housed inside an enclosure with a push button opening. … Continued

Protecting Inventory for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Pharmaceutical Monitoring Data Logger Helps Streamline Quality Control Pharmaceutical product manufacturing is synonymous with strict quality control and traceability. To ensure that these requirements are reliably met, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the UK required a pharmaceutical monitoring system to continuously monitor 8 different temperature points as well as temperature and relative humidity in 2 … Continued

ADwin System Speeds Test Automation Development

Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control Test systems are used to determine the dynamic characteristics and parameters of components and sensors. In R&D, these systems acquire not only component parameters but also characteristics of prototypes and preproduction models. Component endurance is determined by testing them over thousands of test cycles. On production lines, test benches ensure … Continued

Data Loggers Automate HVAC Product Testing

Series 3 dataTaker Systems Enable Remote Monitoring and Data Transmission CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the dataTaker monitoring solution at the end of May last year for a product development department in a Californian startup energy company. The business produces refrigerant products for use in several HVAC applications to increase energy efficiency in coolants, air conditioning … Continued

Materials Testing Applications: Monitoring Temperature

Automated Monitoring and Alarming Systems At CAS DataLoggers we frequently supply data logging systems for customers needing a solution for product verification and safety/reliability testing. The summer season is an ideal time for many outdoor test applications: for example, roofing materials can simply be left out in the heat to see how they perform in … Continued

Environmental Testing of Two 58U91 DC-DC Converters

Burn-In Procedure Uses dataTaker DT85 from CAS DataLoggers Objective: To monitor the performance of one or two of North Atlantic Industries’ DC-DC Converter products over the temperature range of approximately -60C to +80C using a dataTaker DT85 intelligent data logger provided by CAS DataLoggers. Read more in the full article by clicking the PDF above.

Automated Temperature Monitoring in a Macrobrewery

CAS DataLoggers Provides High-Accuracy Wireless Technology CAS DataLoggers recently supplied an automated data logging system to a brewery mass-producing American lager. As its top priority, the brewery wanted to monitor its fermentation process in greater detail to further ensure their brand’s consistent flavor before the beer is cold-filtered and bottled. To achieve this, the lager … Continued

Remote Monitoring and Alarming for Industrial Materials in Storage

Networked Data Logging System Works with Smartphones CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the remote monitoring and alarming solution for a processing plant storing various temperature-sensitive industrial materials for use in chemical applications. Plant supervisors needed to prove to their end users that these compounds were safely kept within specification over months of storage duration. During their … Continued