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Accsense VersaLog Single-Input WiFi Data Loggers

• The VersaLog WF-TC thermocouple logger connects with external thermocouple probes and can also monitor ambient temperature using its on-board thermistor channel. • The VersaLog WF-TH thermistor data logger accepts nearly any kind of thermistors that have a resistance value above 10K at 25°C. • The VersaLog WF-V voltage logger accepts input voltage signals from … Continued

Accsense VersaLog BR Strain Gauge Logger

The VersaLog BR is a single-channel, battery-powered strain gauge bridge data logger. It supports 4/6 Wheatstone bridges by providing voltage excitation, excitation voltage compensation, and low-level signal amplification. The VersaLog BR features a measurement input voltage range of -8 mV to +8 mV to accommodate most common bridges with a sensitivity of up to 3 … Continued

Accsense VersaLog P Pulse Data Logger

The VersaLog P is a 7-channel, battery-powered pulse, state, and event data logger. The logger detects electronic or mechanical pulse counts, state changes or events in any of the seven channels. The VersaLog P works with gas, water, and power meters, with rain gauges, flow rate meters and any other digital signal or switch closure … Continued

Accsense VersaLog DCVC-HR Mixed-Input Data Logger

Accsense VersaLog data loggers are 8-channel, configurable data loggers. If you need flexibility and portability, VersaLog is a cost-effective and compact monitoring solution. The VersaLog DCVC-HR is an 8-channel voltage/current DC data logger. Input voltage/current signals can be from sensors, transducers, transmitters or any other common voltage/current sources.

Accsense VersaLog Single-Input Data Loggers

The Accsense VersaLog range of data loggers are low-cost solutions for simple, single input type applications. Each logger in the range has seven inputs plus an onboard thermistor for logging ambient temperature. The loggers are compact, battery operated with a 10-year life and have a 4 megabyte memory space which can store 4 million readings. … Continued