LINBus Communication Card for ADwin-Pro-II Systems

For ADwin Real-Time Data Acquisition System Solutions The Pro-II-LIN-2 card  for ADwin-Pro-II systems provides convenient LIN communications capabilities that can be used to test different types of sensors, switches and other mechatronic devices in distributed automotive applications. The card, which is fully compatible with the LIN 2.1 interface standard, has 2 single wire LIN serial … Continued

ADwin DAQ Systems for Control Applications

Real-Time PLC & Test Control with Many Popular Drivers CAS DataLoggers offers ADwin data acquisition and control systems for intelligent, high-speed control applications in every industry. Since 2001, we have supplied these high-performance measurement and control systems to customers working in many different applications. By utilizing the programmability of the ADwin’s local CPU, users can … Continued

Low-Cost Solutions for Chip and Board Level Tests

ADwin Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems Depending on the complexity of analog and digital technology-based IC chips and electronic boards, there are different test solutions available for R&D and production line testing. While complex and expensive chips and boards are tested with large, sophisticated testers, more cost-effective test solutions are a necessity when testing low-cost chips … Continued