Using the Winlog Lite SCADA Package with a DT80-Range Logger

Winlog Lite Software Winlog Lite is a free SCADA software enabling a wide range of application development and online browser-based access. Factory and plant managers can benefit from using a dataTaker DT8X Series Data Logger to create and configure their Winlog Lite projects. Winlog Walkthrough: 1. Prerequisites: Apps Note: ‘Connecting a dataTaker DT80 Range Data … Continued

Connecting a dataTaker DT80-Range Data Logger to a LAN

Smart Data Loggers Enable Local & Remote Connection Smart data loggers offer several convenient features, not least of which is the ability to connect to local area networks (LANs). In our latest Technical Article, CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker show you how to connect a dataTaker DT80-range intelligent logger to a LAN. It’s an easy way … Continued

Run Time Monitoring Using a dataTaker Data Logger

For Machine Monitoring, Productivity Assessment and Troubleshooting At CAS DataLoggers, many of our callers want to see how often one or more of their machines are working and when. This pinpoints machine downtime such as poor work productivity, or shows if another cause is at work (power outages etc.) In our latest Technical Article, we … Continued

Strain Gauge Measurements With Current

Wheatstone bridge circuits are extensively used for measuring the output of strain gauge and for measuring other sensor outputs where a relatively small change in resistance must be detected. Bridge circuits have the advantage of high measurement sensitivity and also provide a significant degree of temperature compensation. dataTaker data loggers provide comprehensive support for the … Continued

How to Export Data from a dataTaker to a SQLDatabase

SQL Database Allows Users to Parse Data Using Filters At CAS DataLoggers many of our callers want an automated method to transfer the data from a data logger into a SQL database so they can easily track and parse the data using filters, create reports and charts, etc. SQL is much more functional than many … Continued

Securing the dataTaker DT80 Web Services

Series 3 dataTaker Universal DataLoggers Series 3 dataTaker dataloggers are popular for their communications functionality and for their ease of programming using the built-in dEX software. In our latest Technical Article, we show you how to assign password protection to your dataTaker DT80 series logger and how to limit access to its interface if desired. … Continued

Applying Thermocouple Calibration Corrections Yourself

Using the Popular DT80 Series of dataTaker Data Loggers When working with dataloggers, users sometimes have to apply calibration corrections themselves, which can be quite an involved process. This tutorial examines a scenario involving thirty thermocouples connected to a dataTaker device in the bestselling DT80 series of intelligent universal data loggers which needs to have … Continued

Sending Data and Alarms via Email on DT8x Data Loggers

dataTaker Intelligent Data Logging Systems With their latest firmware release, dataTaker DT8x data loggers now offer built-in email support for alarms and sending data when connected via Ethernet. This capability is also available in dataloggers with a built-in cellular modem. Users can follow 2 easy steps to configure their data loggers to start sending emails: … Continued

Setting Up Relay Control with DT8x Data Loggers

Using the DT8x Series Intelligent Data Loggers from dataTaker It is often necessary to control external relays when working with a DT8x series data logger to control high current/high voltage devices. There are 2 components to setting up the data logger to control a relay: the electrical interface between the logger and the relay, and … Continued

5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger

For Series 3 dataTaker devices The new Series 3 DT80 range data loggers from dataTaker are intelligent monitoring solutions used the world over in almost every imaginable field and application. CAS DataLoggers Application Specialists have put together this how-to guide so users can check the calibration of their DT80 range data loggers. Just complete the … Continued