Sending Data and Alarms via Email on DT8x Data Loggers

dataTaker Intelligent Data Logging Systems With their latest firmware release, dataTaker DT8x data loggers now offer built-in email support for alarms and sending data when connected via Ethernet. This capability is also available in dataloggers with a built-in cellular modem. Users can follow 2 easy steps to configure their data loggers to start sending emails: … Continued

Setting Up Relay Control with DT8x Data Loggers

Using the DT8x Series Intelligent Data Loggers from dataTaker It is often necessary to control external relays when working with a DT8x series data logger to control high current/high voltage devices. There are 2 components to setting up the data logger to control a relay: the electrical interface between the logger and the relay, and … Continued

5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger

For Series 3 dataTaker devices The new Series 3 DT80 range data loggers from dataTaker are intelligent monitoring solutions used the world over in almost every imaginable field and application. CAS DataLoggers Application Specialists have put together this how-to guide so users can check the calibration of their DT80 range data loggers. Just complete the … Continued

Create a Time-Based Schedule Trigger With a dataTaker DT80

Based on the UNIX CRON Time Scheduler Version 9 firmware for the dataTaker DT80 datalogger includes a new time-based schedule trigger that is based on the UNIX CRON time scheduler. This powerful new schedule trigger type will greatly simplify many existing tasks and allow a greater flexibility in how and when a schedule is triggered. … Continued

Non-SSL SMTP Servers for Use with dataTaker and Other Devices

Send Emails Through a dataTaker Data Logger Many standalone network devices that are able to e-mail, including data recorders and environmental monitors, cannot use SMTP servers that require SSL encryption. At CAS DataLoggers we’ve found a workaround for such problem and found other recording devices in the form of a free email service, and we’ll … Continued

Using a dataTaker DT80 with BrainChild IO-16DI Modules

Digital I/Os for Use with HMI, PLC or SCADA via Modbus RTU In our latest Technical Article adapted from dataTaker, CAS DataLoggers shows you how to use a dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Datalogger with a Brainchild Digital IO-16DI Module. This is useful for adding extra inputs for applications involving monitoring or controlling a PLC or SCADA … Continued

How to Calculate Covariance using a dataTaker

dataTaker Logger Performs Mathematical Calculations Covariance is a method of measuring how strongly variables are related to each other. Covariance is commonly used calculation used in a wide number of areas from microclimate flux and carbon sequestration, aquiculture, stock market predictions, to measurement of the southern oscillation index. In our latest Tech Article, CAS DataLoggers … Continued

Connecting a dataTaker DT80 Range Data Logger to an Ethernet Modem

How to Enable Remote Data Transfer Prerequisites: Nil 2.Required Equipment: dataTaker DT80 range data logger Ethernet modem Crossover Ethernet cable Active SIM card 3.Process: 3.1 Connection to the modem: Insert the SIM card into your modem Following the guide supplied with your modem, apply the necessary settings to automatically connect to the mobile network. Also … Continued

How to Parse Data out of a Serial Data String Using a dataTaker

Intelligent dataTaker Data Logger for Batch Processes Introduction: At CAS DataLoggers we often take calls from plant technicians who want to log load cell data from serial scales. This is especially common in industrial manufacturing and batch processes where users want to weigh each component added to a mixing tank or vat for PQ purposes. … Continued

Keeping a Running Average Using Series 3 dataTaker Data Loggers

Selectively Average Your Data with Series 3 DT8x Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that dataTaker has released the beta version of their latest firmware update for Series 3 dataTaker data loggers. Firmware version 9.10.4890 includes several bug fixes and also contains a useful function which lets users more easily keep a running … Continued