Setting up a Non-SSL SMTP Server for Use with T&D Loggers

T&D’s RTR-500MBS-A Mobile Base Station is a GSM-standard base unit for the T&D RTR-500 wireless data logging system. These wireless data loggers are ideal for monitoring and alarming on temperature and other parameters in trucks, warehouses and more. Like T&D’s other base units for this system, it requires a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server … Continued

Using External Alarms on the T&D RTR-500NW

Activate External Alarms Capability via Digital Contact with the T&D RTR-500NW Normally the RTR-500NW Ethernet Network Base Station from T&D Corporation is used for network-based alarming and data retrieval. This makes it ideal for remote monitoring of storage temperatures in chambers, refrigerators or freezers. However, in cases where a network is not available, it can … Continued

Using T&D’s TR-4 Series of Bluetooth-Connected Data Loggers

New App Connects Your T&D Loggers to Your Smart Device The T&D TR-4 Series Bluetooth-connected Data Loggers are the simplest wireless devices to set up and use that T&D has ever produced. All you need to get up and running is a T&D Data Logger and a Smart Device, such as a Cell Phone or … Continued

Using the T&D Thermo App with TR-7wf Data Loggers

The T&D Thermo App from T&D Corporation can be used to accomplish a variety of functions with the TR-7wf Series of Wi-Fi enabled Wireless Data Loggers. This convenient App is available for free download from Apple’s App Store for iOS devices, or from Google Play for Android devices, and can be used on both Smart … Continued

Setting Alarms with T&D Wireless Base Stations

Wireless Monitoring and Alarm Gateways from CAS DataLoggers Whether you work in supply, medical monitoring, or industry, your business can benefit from the wireless monitoring systems provided by CAS DataLoggers. Our T&D RTR-500-AW Wireless Base Station and RTR-500-NW Network Base Station both feature alarm capabilities to immediately warn you of a problem with the equipment … Continued

Power and Internet Connection Alarms for T&D Data Loggers

Real-Time Alarm Monitoring With T&D Temperature/Humidity Systems T&D’s compact, high accuracy data loggers measure temperature, humidity, and voltage/current and are available in wireless, USB and Ethernet models for industrial manufacturing and processing, environmental, and life science applications. T&D network-enabled devices also offer quality alarming functions for temperatures. However, if you are looking for an alarm … Continued

CAS DataLoggers Offers Cellular Base Station Configuration Guide

Detailing Setup for T&D RTR-500GSM Wireless Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers is now offering customers a convenient new user guide from T&D, created to answer the most common issues customers have while setting up their wireless T&D RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Stations. This handy .pdf guide takes users through configuration and setup of their cellular base stations … Continued

T&D RTR-500GSM Basic GSM Modem Setup Guide

Enable Remote Monitoring with T&D Cellular Base Station T&D’s RTR-500GSM is a Mobile Base Station with built-in wireless communication via GSM phone network capabilities. It can be used as a Base Unit for T&D’s popular RTR-500 wireless datalogger series, and when in communication range for GSM cellular phone service, the device can transmit data and … Continued