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Read up on some of the more exclusive applications, data acquisition topics and other extensive material in deeper detail.

In-depth Report on Data Logger and Data Acquisition Solutions

The Benefits of Data Acquisition in Closed-Loop Systems

Feedback Control Systems Enable Real-Time Monitoring Closed-loop systems—electronic control systems which incorporate feedback–are a mainstay of modern manufacturing and R&D. As with many industrial control systems such as PLCs, the goal is to ensure a repeatable process. Whether you’re working on a research application, supervising/servicing an industrial process or supervising a whole plant’s operations, in … Continued

Need to Do an Energy Audit But Don’t Know How?

Start Saving With This Quick Checklist Most companies and organizations have many unexplored ways to lower their energy bills. In fact your own facility likely has several unrealized areas where you can decrease or otherwise optimize your energy usage for substantial long-term savings. While an energy audit is an ideal way to achieve this, many … Continued

Run Time Monitoring Using an Event Data Logger

The Basics of Monitoring Productivity, Equipment Monitoring, and More Just as with monitoring of other values such as equipment temperature, power factor and vibration, there are varying levels of detail when it comes to run time/event monitoring. At CAS DataLoggers, many of our callers want to see how often one or more of their machines … Continued

Four Common Sources of Inaccuracy in Sensor Measurements

How to Improve Your Data Acquisition System’s Measurement Accuracy Connecting a sensor such as a thermocouple to a data acquisition system to obtain accurate measurements involves some forethought. For example, electromagnetic signal interference (aka ‘signal noise’) and many other factors can combine to negatively affect measurement accuracy, or possibly even damage the equipment! Understanding these … Continued

Capturing and Simulating Rotational and Jitter Angle-based Measurements

ADwin Data Acquisition Systems for Real-Time Measurements Capturing and simulating the high-speed rotations involved in automated machines and test rigs often plays a major role in industrial applications. Common requirements are accurate speed measurement over a large range of operation, detection of speed changes, capturing jitter, jitter simulation, and angle-based data acquisition. The Applications Specialists at … Continued

Turning Point Analysis with dataTaker Data Loggers

Flexible dataTaker Systems Let You Monitor Almost Any Value Turning Point Analysis is a method of data compression for arbitrary waveforms. The incoming waveform is sampled at speed and analyzed in real time to identify the turning points (Maxima and Minima) of the waveform, and the value and time of the turning point are also … Continued

Training Aid Development For a Fire and Rescue Service

Grant Squirrel 2020-1F8 Portable Universal Input Data Logger CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a large county’s Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) whose workers were acknowledged national leaders in the field of fire behavior training. Firefighters wearing heavy breathing apparatus and protective clothing often had to work in smoke-filled environments with very low … Continued

Intelligent Data Logging Operations

Wide Variety of General-Purpose and Application-Specific Data Loggers When trying to define intelligent data Iogging, it’s useful to compare it with traditional data logging. In the past, data loggers or recorders would typically be configured to sample a set number of channels at a fixed rate and store the recorded values in memory. The data … Continued

Growing Trends In Data Logging Capabilities

Advanced New Data Loggers Increase Communications Options Recently the market has seen an increased interest in smaller models of battery-powered data loggers featuring wireless communications interfaces. These convenient systems rely on proprietary wireless protocols to provide the best mix of range and battery life, often lasting a full year or more. Data can be sent … Continued

Data Logging in Diesel Engine Emissions Control Applications

Data Collection, Storage and Transmission Introduction Recent local, state and federal mandates such as RICE NESHAP require the reduction of harmful emissions (both particulate and NOx) from diesel engines used in off-road equipment, generators, buses and construction equipment. A variety of control technologies exists, but each is best suited for a specific engine use map, … Continued