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White Papers

Read up on some of the more exclusive applications, data acquisition topics and other extensive material in deeper detail.

In-depth Report on Data Logger and Data Acquisition Solutions

Your Guide to Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Has your business recently lost Food & Beverage product due to a power failure? Does your company have a Food & Beverage regulation you need to comply with? Do you need to monitor the temperature for your product or in a specific area? Whether you’re a small business owner, warehouse supervisor, or purchasing agent, you … Continued

Data Logger vs DAQ

In this White Paper, CAS Data Loggers presents the key similiarties and differences between data loggers and data acquisition systems.

The 6 Most Important Parts of a Temperature Monitoring System

Guard Critical Products and Processes In the last few years, it’s become increasingly common for hospitals, clinics, healthcare, and life science organizations and other business to use an electronic temperature monitoring system to safeguard their products and satisfy regulatory demands. You may know that you need a monitoring system possibly with alarming capabilities but aren’t … Continued

Energy Efficiency For Food & Beverage Distributors

Unlocking Energy Savings for Daytona Florida Beer Distributor Abstract In 1873 there were approximately 4,131 beer breweries in operation in the United States, and that number declined to almost zero during the prohibition area of 1919-1933. In 1980 only 44 breweries supplied beer to all of America and that steadily grew to 5,301 breweries in … Continued

Environmental Monitoring for Museum Curation

Data Loggers Monitor Temp, Humidity, Light & More In museum environments, accurate and reliable data is essential for preservation purposes. In fact, many art and curative organizations will not loan their collections unless the recipient institution can prove that they have an environmental monitoring system in place to ensure that the articles are always maintained … Continued

Industrial Temperature Monitoring Data Logger Systems

CAS DataLoggers Offers Value-Added Service Do you need to monitor the temperature of industrial equipment or of an industrial process? At CAS DataLoggers we sell hundreds of industrial temperature monitoring devices and systems each year. Our industrial data loggers are ideal for a wide variety of applications including oven temperature profiling, equipment or process monitoring, … Continued

What is The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular phrase for the emerging class of Internet-capable physical objects such as appliances and control systems. It seems as if almost every vendor of electronic devices has some active development of IoT devices and new Internet of Things products are being introduced to the market daily. This new … Continued

Basic Techniques for Accurate Resistance Measurement

Reduce Measurement Errors in your Application At CAS DataLoggers we often receive calls from users working in resistance measurement applications, for example using string pots to measure movement, measuring thermistors/RTDs for temperature, measuring the resistance on test samples, and many more applications. Some of our callers are surprised to learn that there’s a variety of … Continued

Guide to Saving Time with Intelligent Data Logging

How to Simplify Data Analysis and Find Answers Quicker When trying to define intelligent data logging, it’s useful to compare it with traditional data logging. In the past, data loggers or recorders would typically be configured to sample a set number of channels at a fixed rate and store the recorded values in memory. The … Continued