temperature data loggerCAS DataLoggers offers a variety of quality temperature data logger and data recorder product solutions to fit any application requiring precise, reliable temperature data measurement and recording. There are three different sensor-types to choose from: thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor. The sensor type will depend on the required accuracy, the temperature range and the environment in which you will use the data logger. These devices can be simple, application-specific models designed for a particular use or a fully integrated system providing monitoring, alarming and reporting for compliance or quality assurance. If you are looking for a full system, view our Temperature Monitoring Systems products page.

temperature data logger

Types of temperature loggers include USB, WiFi, wireless and LAN units so that any type of layout, location or installation requirement can be accommodated. Common applications for temperature data loggers include refrigerator and freezer monitoring, environmental monitoring for laboratories, warehouses and storage areas, equipment monitoring, research and development, shipment tracking, monitoring the temperature of vaccines, oven temperature profiling, food processing, cook-chill and critical control points (HACCP) to name a few. Our diverse product selection is complemented by our seasoned staff of Applications Specialists who are here to assist you in choosing the right temperature data logger, and our Technical Support staff available to keep your system operating to its fullest potential.

Most Common Temperature Data Logger Types


Variety of TC models, single- & multi-channel, LCD display, wireless, Bluetooth and wireless.


Standard PT, Cu or Ni RTD’s for stable, precise readings. Single- & multi-channel models.


Hi-accuracy temp readings using NTC sensors. Single- & multi-channel, mixed-input models.


Models expandable to 100’s of inputs. Ethernet, USB, WiFi, wireless models.


Portable, intelligent, programmable devices, mix and match any type of inputs.


Simple, portable temperature recorders plug directly into PC for configuration and data retrieval.


Temp recorders for real-time, continuous remote recording. Local or remote data access.


TC, RTD, Thermistor models for monitoring & alarming in locations with limited physical access.


Easy access to your temperature data via standard, short range wireless links.

Temp Profiling

Map temperature profiles and trouble-shoot with up to 48 inputs. Customized software.

Choosing Temp Sensors

There are different types of sensors that are used with temperature data loggers. Here is information to help you make the right decision.

Oven Temp Profiling

When deciding on an oven temperature data logger, it helps to first consider not only your immediate but also your future requirements.

Medical Temp Monitoring

This guide will show you how to be successful with continuous temperature monitoring in medical refrigerators and freezers in LIfe Sciences.

Monitoring Systems

Helpful information on configuring, installing and set-up of a medical or industrial refrigerator or freezer temperature monitoring and alarming system.