COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring

We are extremely familiar with vaccine temperature monitoring applications and have helped literally hundreds of customers satisfy their particular monitoring requirements. We offer a range of COVID-19 vaccine monitoring solutions from simple single-use USB data loggers to complete systems that provide continuous monitoring with email, SMS, and voice alarms. The new COVID-19 vaccines provide a new set of challenges, in particular the need for -70°C storage for several of the candidates. All of our COVID vaccine digital data loggers (DDLs) satisfy the CDC requirements for vaccine temperature monitoring.

Below is a selection of some of the most popular data loggers we supply for vaccine temperature monitoring but please don’t hesitate to call one of our application specialists at 1-800-9-Logger to discuss your COVID-19 vaccine monitoring needs so that we can recommend the digital data logger that best fits your needs.

SwiTrace IPST8.ICE

Low cost single use transit temperature data logger suitable for -80 to + 20C. Multi-level alarm LED's

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T&D TR-75WB Kit

2 channel temperature logger kit with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & USB, 2 probes, thermal buffers, & calibration

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T&D TR-71WB Kit

1 channel temperature logger kit with WiFi, Bluetooth, 2 probes, thermal buffers, & calibration available

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Accsense A2-05 Vaccine Kit

3 Channel Ethernet temperature monitioring system with email, text and voice alarms, -100 to +100°C

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Not Sure Which DDL to Choose?

Actionable Alarms

Alerts via email, SMS text, and phone calls to keep your vaccines protected at any time giving you peace of mind.

Power Outage Protection

Receive notifications when your facility loses power or internet, giving you time to take action.

Intelligent Data Dashboard

Access your data from any web browser, instant access to measurement history and a customizable interface.

“One Click” Data Download

Download measurement data for offline analysis with a simple one click through your online dashboard.

Out Of The Box Setup

Start monitoring in minutes with a quick and easy setup with virtually no learning curve.

Accsense systems provide peace of mind by continually watching temperature around the clock, sending warnings whenever your vaccine temperature goes out of safe ranges.

White Paper

Choosing a Temperature Logger for Vaccine Storage

When vaccines aren’t maintained at the proper temperature (commonly 2-8°C), they quickly lose their potency so that children are at risk for infectious diseases. Vaccine temperature data loggers are a cost-effective way to stay in compliance with CDC recommendations concerning proper vaccine storage. Learn the basics of these time-saving devices.

The CDC’s 2016 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit states that the surest way to avoid losing valuable vaccine supplies is to use a temperature monitoring system for every medical storage unit in your facility. These systems consist of one or more data loggers sending the temperature data over a network, to a wireless gateway nearby, or to the cloud itself.

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