Thermocouple DAQ Systems

Thermocouple data acquisition systems provide accuracy and flexibility in the measurement of temperature in research, lab, and industrial applications. With their ability to expand to as many as 700 thermocouples, it makes them very suitable for many types of projects.

Rugged Construction

With a durable body and design as well as a temperature range of -45°C - 70°C, this rugged data logger can withstand even the toughest industries and conditions.

Versatile Measurement

Connect an array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels, high-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs and programmable serial sensor channels.

Intelligent Data Dashboard

With the dEX built-in software that runs directly from your web browser you can configure your data logger, view charts and tables and retrieve your data for analysis.

Expandable Modules

With expansion to 300 analog inputs, the data logger grows with your developing monitoring project.

Thermocouple data acquisition systems are intelligent and versatile devices with a rugged design that allows for measurement expansion to grow your project.

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DelphinDAQ Systems

Delphin data acquisition systems and data loggers solve a variety of measurement and control problems in industrial and laboratory applications. They offer a range of systems for industrial, environmental, remote, vibration and transient data logging, data acquisition and control applications.

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DataTakerDAQ Systems

dataTaker intelligent universal input data loggers and data acquisition systems for environmental, industrial, structural, geotechnical, manufacturing and scientific applications.dataTaker data loggers are used by a broad range of customers across every industry including environmental, industrial, structural, geotechnical, manufacturing, process management, scientific, laboratory and education.

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Data Logger vs DAQ

What is the difference between a Data Logger vs DAQ System? A data logger is a type of data acquisition system, but a data acquisition system is not necessarily a datalogger. There are several key functional differences in how the market understands these two classes of instruments. While the differences between these two types of instruments have been reduced as technology has improved, there remain features that separate them.

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