In-Transit Monitoring

A comprehensive selection of shipping data loggers including single and multi-use temperature recorders, temperature/humidity and shock/vibration data loggers for all types of cold-chain and transport applications.


Models include low-cost temperature data loggers with direct PDF report output, models with BlueTooth to allow data retrieval with a smart device, and in-transit cellular models that upload live data including location to a cloud service. Most devices offer the ability to set alarm limits along with LED’s to provide an immediate indication if the product was exposed to conditions outside of an acceptable range.

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Single & multi-use shipping temperature and humidity loggers

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In transit temperature, humidity, and location data loggers.

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In transit cellular data loggers for temperature and humidity with GPS

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Simple Configuration & Visualization

Using BLE Communication with Mobile App

Long Battery Life

Replaceable and Lasts for Multiple Trips

Records Temperature, Humidity, Shock, and Vibration

For Complete Visibility of Shipping Process

Most Cost-Effective Shipping Logger on the Market!

White Paper

Your Guide to Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Whether you’re a small business owner, warehouse supervisor, or purchasing agent, you stand to benefit from ensuring the integrity and transparency of your food product’s cold chain. But what exactly is the cold chain, and how can you best manage it? At CAS DataLoggers we’ve put together this introductory guide covering the basics of cold chain management using a typical temperature monitoring system so you can choose which is best for your application.

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