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Custom and off-the-shelf data acquisition systems. Flexible analog & digital I/O options. High-speed, robust models for demanding applications. Easy to use software for monitoring, control, testing & research.


 Data Acquisition Systems ranging from standard to complete solutions. Wide range of applications including data recording, process monitoring, test stand automation, vibration and condition monitoring and more.

Whether your requirements to measurement and testing systems are simple or complex, we have a system to fit your needs. In order to meet your measurement and testing needs CAS offers universal data acquisition devices, software and tailor-made engineering solutions.

For many projects, general-purpose data acquisition systems with universal inputs, like the Delphin Expert Key, provide an easy to use, cost-effective solution. These systems can be configured to accept voltage or current signals as well as the output from many types of sensors to capture temperature, pressure, flow or other parameters. There are also specialized DAQ systems like the Delphin Expert Vibro and Expert Transient for measurement of things like vibration or transient events.

At the high end of the data acquisition product offering, ADwin real-time systems offer deterministic response times in sub-microsecond range with the ability to mix and match a variety of I/O card types to allow up to 480 channels in one 19” rack. In addition to just data collection, ADwin systems offer analog and digital outputs, to allow control of external equipment and automate tasks such as product testing or to provide open and closed-loop control of parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, force, etc.

Many data acquisition systems can be outfitted with a number of different standard I/O modules as well as specialized I/O cards to allow a virtual endless variety of configurations tailored to your requirements. If you can’t find what you need on our website, please contact us to let us design a customized solution for your specific application.

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