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Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ Systems) - CAS Dataloggers

Types of Data Acquisition Systems

Flexible Programming and Communications Capabilities

Data Acquisition System Families:

Jager’s sophisticated ADwin DAQ systems support parallel, individually-controlled, real-time processes while running independently of a PC’s operating system to provide deterministic operation with response times of 1 usec. or less.

Delphin Technology’s high-powered data acquisition devices measure temperature, pressure, flow, voltage and vibration in a wide variety of research, testing and process control applications. These high-speed systems feature different analog and digital input and output modules that can be used with a wide range of signal types including 4-20 mA current, thermocouples, RTDs, and resistance.

Data Acquisition SystemsdataTaker Universal Input, Intelligent data logging/data acquisition systems provide an incredible amount of functionality in a compact, stand-alone system. They provide signal conditioning for virtually any type of sensor, digital inputs and outputs, high-speed counters, flexible RS-232/422/485 serial interface for connection to other devices and sensors.

Grant Instruments Squirrel data loggers are famous for their ruggedness and reliability. The Squirrel 2020/2040 loggers feature 24-bit ADCs for precise measurements. These data loggers feature a built-in display and keypad allowing them to be used in applications where portability and stand-alone operation are required.