Over 250 products from 18 data logger manufacturers. Data loggers and data acquisition systems to meet any requirement. Simple low-cost models to fully automated systems. Browse our data logger manufacturers.


CAS Dataloggers offers the one of the largest selections of data loggers in the USA with a wide variety of solutions, data logger products, models, kits, and options from 18 different data logger manufacturers.  Our large number of data logger manufacturers offer a wide selection of data loggers, data recorders, and data acquisition systems, and CAS can accommodate any application or measurement type no matter what your data collection requirement.

If you are looking for a temperature data logger, CAS offers 126-plus models from ten different data logger manufactures from around the world. Low-cost models from Lascar, versatile, powerful and economical loggers from TandD, automated monitoring and alarming systems from Accsense, cold chain solutions from SWI-Trace and CAEN RFID, and robust intelligent data recording solutions from dataTaker and Delphin.

For power and energy applications, CAS offers economical, efficient solutions from AEMC and Electrocorder. If you are looking at replacing an older paper-based chart recorder, our Brainchild paperless chart recorders are perfect replacement alternative.

CAS also offers a number of bundled kits to help you easily and economically put together a number of data logging solutions including kits for refrigerator and freezer monitoring, incubators, ultra-low and cryo freezers and more from TandD and Accsense.

No matter what your application, measurement requirement of challenge, CAS has a solution for you.

For more information on data loggers, visit our Resources Section where you will find Application Notes, White Papers, Engineers Advice and videos on everything you need to know about data loggers and data acquisition. To learn more about the difference between stand-alone data loggers and data acquisition systems, check out this article on Wikipedia.

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